"The owner of The Critter Sitter, Janette, has been taking care of my little Yorkie, Augie, since 2005. He is a sweet and friendly pup, but he has separation anxiety and can be a handful at times. Janette makes him feel loved and safe and comfortable - and he is always extremely happy to see her. There are several trips I would not have been able to take if Janette had not been available; she is the only one I trust to take care of Augie and my house. I also use her services when I know I am going to have a late night at work or have an event to attend. I am an anxious Mommy and Janette is always very patient with me, checking in with me and letting me know how my little guy is doing. Janette is responsible, understanding and extremely trustworthy, and I highly recommend The Critter Sitter."

- Susie (Mission Beach)

"This review for Janette is long over due... She has been taking care of our dog since she was a 10 week old pup. Janette is grounded and responsible, flexible with scheduling and very loving toward our dog. In addition to weekly walks, she and her wonderful staff members David and Janelle have stayed with our pup multiple times while we have been on vacation. When we return from a trip, our little "homebody" dog is happy, well cared for and the house is clean. Janette and her staff also text updates and pictures while we are away. We feel lucky to be on the regular schedule because Janette has gotten very busy. Our neighbor now uses her staff for dog walking services too! I highly recommend the Critter Sitter!"

- Erin (Ocean Beach)

"Janette is awesome! (just noticed that my intro was exactly the same as Lauren's). We had an awful experience with a previous dog sitter so we went back to the kennel (jail for dogs). I'm so glad that I found her to give in home sitting another shot - no more jail for our "kid". Our pup loves her! Jeanette is so responsive and you know she loves your "baby". We come home and it's like we never left, the pup is happy with a wagging tail. The only downside is that we're mostly ignored because she misses Janette!"

- Toni (Ocean Beach)

"In the past I always had friends stay with my pets and housesit when I went on my annual vacation/trip. That got o be a hassle & now I'm retired & want to do more short 'get-aways'. I found Janette, the Crtitter Sitter on the Internet & bonus!! she lives right around the corner from me!! Janette is awesome!! Upbeat & really, really great with my dogs!! Now I seriously have 'peace of mind' when I travel !! Thanks to the Critter Sitter, Janette!"

- Beth (Ocean Beach)

Licensed, Bonded & Insured

The Critter Sitter is fully licensed, bonded and insured to ensure your peace of mind while you're away!
The Critter Sitter is also a member of Pet Sitters International & certified in Pet First Aid by the Red Cross.